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ISCA :: Chp : 01a : Basic Concept of System

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To understand Management Information & Control System.

Lets start, with understanding as to what is a System ?

Definition of a system.

It is a set of interrelated elements that operate collectively, to accomplish some common purpose or goals. You have seen the definition, by breaking it up. Well, let’s move ahead.

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Observe and Learn additional Points :-
* Definition – break it up – Try to make it brief
* Simple remember-able key words.
* Remember – Man In Black – Last Scene – from city to world to universe..
“ok Yes, i know you can now recollect – you know all type of system”
…hmm magic spell..

Well be honest.. after reading 1a,1b & 1c chapter – write one test.
.. a Magical test.. that will evaluate..your SWOT
SWOT = strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats