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Q. Why indicated for Auditors / Professional / Learner.

Once become CA if you want to upgrade, or learn same, recollect for post-qualification, it can be done without classes….

This is topic useful for not only auditors, but also helpful for any manager, as today system is everywhere, controlling same is must. Hence this book will help them to under various terminology and even energyise them with there knowledge.

In this book, various keywords are given to make it useful for memorizing it for your routine checks… also teaches how to solve problem, as after passing exam one need to solve problem own… way to develop such confidence… way of presentation…. SWOT analysis.

Q. What format audio files and books.

 Audio file in mp3 format…

so can be store in mobile, Hear it also while in library, in travel, any time…

 Complete document in PDF format – for PC and PDA Mobile.

We support [ Go-Green, no printed copy provided, if required one can take print copy. [ advisable to take in good quality & spiral binding done, so that maintain properly and pleasure to read ]

Q. What is SWOT Analysis ?

 This is most important part of this learning All person are not good in all subjects, same way of thinking… hence to analysis their behaviors is must.

There is personal interaction with professor that understand your SWOT and accordingly guide you towards growth…. by teaching art for increasing your strength, reducing weakness… showing opportunities and making aware of threats…. as mere learning… may make CA pass…but, thereafter things become difficult…

 we believe.not mere learning… but overall development.

Features :-

 Articleship is important, but less time to study… Or Just got leave from article ship… More to read … in Less time..

There is one subject which can be simplified… MICS / ISCA.
Yes … learn MICS / ISCA via.. AUDIO learning. Whole subject in Just around 7 hours..[MICS] /13 hours [ISCA]
Yes … learn MICS / ISCA via.. AUDIO learning.
Whole subject in Just around
7 hours..[MICS] /13 hours [ISCA]

Free chapters for Demo. Experience it and you will see below benefits.
Few Features are :-

 Audio file of Just MICS 7 hours..[ ISCA book is for approx.13 hours]

it does not require even one day….

 Audio file in mp3 format…

so can be store in mobile, Hear it also while in library, in travel, any time…

 Comparison with old syllabus..

 Many chapter have been completed in Just 15 min [especially MICS] ….

Just imagine by the time you just chat or discuss on point… you have gone through complete chapter.

 Learn with Concept clarity… with exam orientation also…

 More value addition of diagrams… Keywords… Way to remember… Hints…. Presentation skill…, etc.

 Increasing your capacity of your believe in yourself…

“You Know many things, But You do not Know, You Know many things”

 Personal interaction with the Professor. One to One interaction.

 Complete document in PDF format – for PC and PDA Mobile.

 Complete document in PDF format – for PC and PDA Mobile.An Asset / Investment for ever… learn whenever you like…. recollect whenever… today, tomorrow, even after CA passing…. learn again… recollect again…

 This Audio contain an special module “Exam after chapter 1”

Well be honest.. after reading 1a,1b & 1c chapter – write one test. .. a Magical test.. that will evaluate..your SWOT. SWOT = strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threat

Q. Why MICS and ISCA old version given Free- during Purchase ?

 We keep updating our book, taking ICAI current syllabus as our base. That does not mean, chapters which were removed are irrelevant.

 As indicated, We have made this book, Not mere for CA students. Hence all chapter in past are useful for non-CA Student.
 Also, its observed Institute still carry out base topic, even has restore earlier syllabus topic when felt needed. So note – that base topic where in detail cover during old syllabus.
 Also – We again would like to indicate that, chapter removed, as still useful in your professional life. To give brief idea you can learn chapters like :

  • Client/Server technology,
  • System flow chart [Design of computerised Commercial application],
  • E.R.P,
  • Use of CASE tools, analysis of financial statements using digital technology,
  • Risk assessment Methodologies & Applications
  • International standards, Guidelines & Best Practices detail :
    • BS7799,
    • HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act],
    • SAS 70 – AICPA,
    • CMM [Capability Maturity Model / Software Process Maturity -SPM],
    • Knowledge on History :earlier version of COBIT4 [IT governance] & ITILv2,
    • Brief understanding on COSO, COCO, SysTrust and Webtrust
    • Various comparison between Standards.
  • Even current syllabus topic in additional details can be see in topic like Testing, BCP/DRP, Control objective, Drafting of Policy, IS Audit. etc.

Well we believe that our book – becomes your life time friend, a valuable asset forever, and you gain knowledge not mere academic, but overall grooming.

Keep learning – Share Knowledge & Be good human being