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Best wishes for Exam and Life is Beautiful – Students Articles

Before you read.. make you heart Brave & Positive, remember Life is beautiful.

So Exams are near. Preparation are going on. Some stress or depress, then may be this article is for you. I am writing after long time. Recently, on previous week Sunday, I just saw a disaster. A young girl committed ‘Suicide’ – ‘Gave away her life’ in our society complex, family running here and there… May be rumor – it might be due to study pressure. This gave me flash back of bad memories & upset me.. for about week, I thought to do something called depressed students – motivated them & now writing this article for everyone based on student request also.
Let me ask you following question? a exam before paper exam.

Q. What if in emergency any of your relative/ best friend required blood & you can provide them, will you donate & pray and care for them?
A: Naturally, you will.

Q. What if suddenly your Parent got hurt / your spouse / your kid got hurt badly – will immediate take them to hospital & care for them?

A: Naturally, you will.

Q. If you got hurt in any disaster – will your parent / spouse/ kid – feel the pain. Don’t you wish that you get cure faster so that even they are comfortable?

A: Naturally, you will.

Q. What if, a disaster happens of collapse building – surrounding you & there are people & kids calling you to remove them.

A: Naturally, you will.

Q. What if all this happen during your exam day and instead on exam, will you go for exam or help them?

A: Naturally, you will help.

Q. When you succeeded in helping them, all life are safe, surviving… will you be happy in saving others life?

A: Naturally, happiness will be beyond explanation – thanking god – that you were at the right moment to save your beloved & others.

Q: If that is the case, why any run after career –  why any disappointment of missing one year of study – Why failing in any attempts, why any missing opportunity – is breaking, your moral down…. Such that, student start saying – “My career is finished”, “My life is useless”, “Others are ahead of me & now – I cannot do it – it’s over”, “I cannot show my face to society, parents.”

Q. Naturally calamity strikes at various places, people die – rich & poor – yet we pray for all. We See Solider [Jaawan] & other people unbiased were helping everyone – with humanity.

Friends – be happy –that many of us – have not faced many such disaster.

If you’re answer to any of my question – is positive – that you will help… then friend – you are a good person. World requires you – your beloved requires you.

Remember – whatsoever problem come in the life, like missing career, breaking of heart/relation, finance, etc.. face it with courage, your beloved parents, family, friends are always there. They love you. If you are alive – they can recreate beautiful world for you. Even you can recreate the world, bring back relation with your Love.  As only thing NOBODY knows is how to bring back Life in body.

If you have faced any problem, try to become such person that in future you are able to help other – so that they do not face such problem. [Highly recommend all to watch talk show: Satyamev Jayate – how problem are & how people fight back. Especially last episode: We the people]

Never ever use the word “Suicide” in your act and neither in your talk.. both create unbearable pain in heart of your beloved.  I know whenever such act is said or done – that person saying would be in bad pain, hence they required love, care, hearing, guide, time & support – instead of discourage & shouting. Be with them.

Friends I am not old guy to share gyaan… but I know one thing “suicide” is never a solution – but it creates more problem for your beloved – to whom, you never want a single scratch hurt to happen. Just expressing & trying my best way to stop others.

No one is not good in everything.. Nobody is perfect.  Important thing is how much importance are you giving to good thing of that person. Suppose – I might not be good in Languages or Grammar or Dancing or Singing or Cooking or Driving Train or Chemical equation or Mountaineering or Flying plane or Flying rocket or Bull fight or….. ha ha… smile came on your face friend.. Good!. Does it mean I must stop doing good thing which I am capable of doing it.. Everyone should do good – each one have something good and try honestly best to improve your other area and if not done – its not end of life to frustrate for.. chill.

Friends, Life is not a competition where – if one bad moment comes – we should end our life. Life is to Live… enjoy… make it meaningful. Remember – if life is competition – then in competition only one person win and single person cannot live alone – correct.. he will be bored and we are billions of people.. if each hour one person wins, still… it will take … how many year? Do calculate – just for fun, you started laughing correct… smile is important in life. Remember “ All Work, No Play makes a ____ a dull ___”

This thing we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down”


Stop too much competition with each other – stop comparing too much. Enjoy together – be a family / team.
Never ever compare – life of one with other – as we never know what struggle he/she would have faced.
“Without stress– give your exam. My tips for CA exam is already given in
my old article link:

Friends, I can keep on writing. Need to stop. However, will continue to motivate everyone, in my different possible way even at

Because actual big exam tho daily hai. I can say – do watch motivational movie like: Chak de India, Life of PI, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Satyame Jayate talk show, The Miracle Man [Morris Goodman “The Miracle Man: who survive from plane crash]

“Life is beautiful, not competition. Have courage. Enjoy with beloved people – keep smiling – keep loving”

I wrote this Article for exam tips : As over years,  after interaction with thousands of student – It is important to make each student aware that, de-motivation is not the solution. Enjoy life exam.

Hope you will share with others too & at any moment of life if this article can help you to get motivated or help other to motivated. It will make my message meaningful & might heal parents of that girl. Pray – that no one use or act “suicide”

If this article has brought some light in your life – than its like Diwali to us.

Let this Diwali, bring light in your life – full of enjoy, happiness & courage to lead a lovely meaningful life. Also you are able to bring light in other life too.

Happy Diwali in Advance.

If I have hurted any one’s sentiments – please forgive me – “Michami Dukkhadam”.

With Best regards,

CA.Vipul Dhulla