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* ISCA-Intro

Welcome Professionals, Auditors, Students, Learners & Readers

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To start with this learning, there is a fundamental saying, which you will surely agree or experience during our course. The saying is, “You know many things, but you do not know, that you know many things.”

You are of the 21st century. Hence, just have the confidence, many points that you have experienced in your work, observed in your work, or can be said even observed in various movies, serials or professional videos.

Yes! I am going to bring out the power, the knowledge which is hidden within you, to your awareness.

You do not believe it, you will soon believe it after course completion.

Pls. Note – I.C.A.I has made this module with teaching method from Micro to Micro method. With due respect to Institute,

We have re-shuffle the course. From Micro to Macro, like it was during earlier syllabus. So that its easy for everyone, whether pursuing C A, Or Not.

C.A.Final [New syllabus : Yr.2014]- ISCA Chapters :-

1. Information Systems Concepts

a. Basic Concepts of Systems

b. Transaction Processing System

c. Basic Concepts of MIS

d. Decision Support and Executive Information Systems

2. Systems Development Life Cycle Methodology

a. System Development Process

b. Systems Design

c. System’s Acquisition, Software Development and Testing

d. Systems Implementation and Maintenance

3. Protection of Information System. [Control Objectives]

4. Business Continuity Planning and Disaster recovery planning

5. Audit of Information system.

6. Concept of Governance and Management information Systems.

7. Information technology Regulatory Issues

a. Cyber Law

b. Amendement [Information Technology Act, 2008]

c. Requirement of various authorities for system control audit. [SEBI, IRDA, etc.]

8. Emerging Technology


ISCA :: Chp : 01a : Basic Concept of System

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To understand Management Information & Control System.

Lets start, with understanding as to what is a System ?

Definition of a system.

It is a set of interrelated elements that operate collectively, to accomplish some common purpose or goals. You have seen the definition, by breaking it up. Well, let’s move ahead.

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Observe and Learn additional Points :-
* Definition – break it up – Try to make it brief
* Simple remember-able key words.
* Remember – Man In Black – Last Scene – from city to world to universe..
“ok Yes, i know you can now recollect – you know all type of system”
…hmm magic spell..wizard

Well be honest.. after reading 1a,1b & 1c chapter – write one test.
.. a Magical test.. that will evaluate..your SWOT
SWOT = strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats


ISCA :: Chp : 01b : Transaction Processing System ( TPS )

Play audio lecture on chapter 01b – ISCA-V4 [Edition Yr.2014]

You have seen that it is the ground level of all the systems.
You have seen the same in diagram also.
Let’s start with Transaction.

It is that affects the flow of resource, of the entity. Transaction Processing System is the most fundamental business process system.

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Observe and Learn additional Points :-
* again..Definition – break it up – Try to make it brief
* hidden points in para – read and make points
* certain point can be refer to other chapter for detail..
ok i know this you had observed in early chapter also..
* One more BIG THING..will tell you after TEST
Well be honest.. Magical magic-testtest is nearby..


ISCA :: Chp : 01c : Basic Concepts of M.I.S.

Play audio lecture on chapter 01c – ISCA-V4 [Edition Yr.2014]

We had learned, System.
We had also understood the meaning and characteristic of information.
So, its time to learn in detail, M I S that is Management information system.

Manager’s have been using information for discharging their important management function. POSD CORB.
Remember!, Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Coordinating, Reporting and Budgeting.
M I S = management + information + system. “Management is an Art of getting things done from group of people in formally organized way to attain the organizations goal.”
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Observe and Learn additional Points :-
* Self Question to be asked for simplification
* All characteristic into definition = Keyword.
* Big points, into short rhythm, short one liner keywords.
* and more BIG THING..will tell you after TEST Well be honest.. Magical magic-testtest to be given after reading again all three chapter and go step by step the test.
Any dishonesty – you will loose great analysis of yourself. Its like preparation for exam and also for practical SWOT Analysis.